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Banning Books and Blogs – Jim West’s Imprimatur

Gee, you turn away from the computer for a second and a firestorm breaks out! Michael Bird started the “kerfuffle” (using Chris Heard‘s description of the controversy) when he listed as one of his “pet hates” when his students cite … Continue reading

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MR HBRW WTHT VWLS (More Hebrew without Vowels)

John Davies, Principal of the Presbyterian Theological Centre in Sydney, Australia sent me this poetic response to Jessica Shaver’s poem: TH MTRS LCTNS T’s NT s bd s y mght thnk; “vwl-lttrsâ€? hlp y swm, NT snk! Jst whn y … Continue reading

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Rowan Atkinson Sunday Gospel Lesson

Just in case you missed church this morning, here is a gospel lesson by Rowan Atkinson, a.k.a. Mr. Bean (If you offend easily, probably shouldn’t watch the video). WPvideo 1.10 All complaints may be registered at The Withering Fig or … Continue reading

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Jesus Pets – You’ve Got to be Kidding!

Worried about who will take fido for a walk after you are raptured? Want to make sure your kitty cat is cared for after it’s “left behind”? All premillenialist pet-lovers should check out this site: Who is going to care … Continue reading

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Hermeneutics Humour

This morning in the final examination for my advanced hermeneutics class, a student entered, looked at me very seriously and said in a very stern and threatening voice, “I’ll fuse your horizons!” I giggled throughout the exam period (of course, … Continue reading

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The Lighter Side of Jesus’ Tomb

The author of Dilbert has given his two cents on the Jesus Tomb controversy (HT PaleoJudaica & Scotteriology) with a post on “Empty Boxes.” Here is an excerpt: If Jesus was in there [the newly discovered ossuary], and sat up … Continue reading

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Judaikitsch: Tefillin Barbie

While this doesn’t exactly fit my category of “Jesus Junk and Christian Kitsch” with Purim approaching I can’t help but note this piece of Judaikitsch: Tefillin Barbie. For just under one hundred dollars you can get a barbie complete with … Continue reading

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Cowabunga, Dude!

The Simpsons Movie in 2007. Woo-hoo! See the trailers today. (HT Looking Closer) Tags: Humour, The Simpsons Movie, Bart Simpson, Homer, marge, Lisa, maggie

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Under the Weather

OK, I was snowed under with marking and report writing (done the report writing for now, but still have tonnes of marking), now I feel crappy. Hopefully I can beat this cold before it beats me! I really don’t want … Continue reading

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Ultimate Bible Quiz

Gee… I’m so smart! I took the “Ultimate Bible Quiz” and got 100%! (Of course, as a professor of biblical studies, if I took the test and didn’t get 100% I probably wouldn’t advertise it on my blog!!) You know … Continue reading

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