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The Most Excellent of Songs (The Challenge of Translating Metaphors)

Ah, Valentine’s Day has arrived and love is in the air. And when I think of love I think of the sexiest book in the Hebrew Bible, the Song of Songs (perhaps better referred to as the Most Excellent of … Continue reading

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Merry Kitschmas – Meat Nativities

I haven’t posted anything on kitsch lately (that’s the understatement of the year!), but when I saw these tasty nativity scenes I just had to post them. Perhaps they were inspired by Lady Gaga’s meat dress. Who knows?! This one … Continue reading

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Reasons to Study the Septuagint (in Honour of International Septuagint Day)

“The Sept-tu-a-what?” is what I hear from many of my students when I first mention the Septuagint in my introductory lecture on the text and transmission of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.  By mid-term, however (or should I say by the … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day, Eh!!

Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadians. While it may be uncharacteristic of Canadians to be so bold, but I personally think that Canada is the best place to live in the whole wide world. 🙂 If you … Continue reading

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Fools in the Book of Proverbs

Well, it’s April Fool’s Day (and appropriately my birthday) and I thought rather than trying to fool everyone with a clever post, I would do a post on the different types of fools in the Hebrew Bible, and more specifically … Continue reading

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Defending Thomas

Rarely an Easter season comes and goes without a sermon on — or at least some sort of reference to — “Doubting Thomas.” I think, quite frankly, that Thomas has got a bum-wrap for his nickname as it suggests that … Continue reading

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In Remembrance

Today is Remembrance Day (11 November) in Canada (as well as in the UK, Australia, and other Commonwealth nations), a day that we remember the sacrifices of members of the armed forces and civilians in times of war and peacekeeping. … Continue reading

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Beware of White Cats!

If you think I meant black cats in the title, you’re wrong. While popular Western culture has vilified black cats as evil omens associated with witchcraft, this is not the case in all societies. I was reading some omen texts … Continue reading

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Canada Day Special: Top Ten Canadian Biblical Scholars

Happy Canada Day! For unaware readers, Canada Day is the celebration of the anniversary of the formation of the union of the British North America provinces in a federation under the name of “Canada” on July 1st. This year marks … Continue reading

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He is Risen!

Happy Easter everyone. Tags: Easter

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