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Thinking Blogger Award

12th May 2007

thinkingblogger.jpgI would like to thank my Mom and Dad, my wife and kids, my pet bunnies…

The always thinking Chris Heard over at Higgaion has awarded me a “Thinking Blogger Award” — even despite the fact that I occasionally resort to posting some “Best of Codex” articles from my archives during my busy seasons (he thinks that practice is, ahem, cheesy; I think it is rather clever!).

This “award” is actually more of a meme and once awarded you are supposed to nominate five others. Here are five quite different blogs that I think deserve the honour (in no particular order):

  • Phil Harland, Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean. While Phil’s blog has had its fits and spurts (whose hasn’t?), I have always appreciated his posts on assorted thing relating to “social and religious life among Greeks, Romans, Jews, Christians and others in the Roman empire.”
  • Tim Bulkeley, Sansblogue. This New Zealander’s often contrarian posts about biblical studies and open scholarship, pedagogy and podcasts, among other things, are always worth reading. I only wish he would post more on the All Blacks!
  • John F. Hobbins, Ancient Hebrew Poetry. Hebrew Bible enthusiasts will always find some hardcore biblical studies happening John’s site, whether it is stichometric analyses of biblical psalms, Hebrew grammar and lexicography, or questions of canon.
  • Mark Goodacre, NT Gateway Weblog. Despite the fact Mark deals mainly with that other testament, he still has many thoughtful things to say! He posts widely on NT, biblical studies, film, and everything Q. :)
  • Loron Rossen III, The Busybody. Loren is always busy sharing his eclectic tastes in biblical studies, film, literature (especially Tolkien), and sundry items from popular culture. Always thoughtful and sometimes controversial.

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Best Blogs about Biblical Studies?

25th April 2007

There is a list over at UnSpun on the “Best Blogs about Biblical Studies.” I’m not sure what significance the list has and who all made it, but Codex is ranked number 5. Cool.

UPDATE: I just noticed that there is another list “Top Ten Biblioblogs” and there Codex is ranked number 3. Even Cooler.

It seems that these rankings may be voted on by anyone and as such are not really that meaningful. That being said, thanks to anyone who thought of me and gave Codex a good ranking.

I’d like to thank God, my parents…

UPDATE #2: Airton José da Silva left a comment below… he’s the one who started the “Best Blogs about Biblical Studies” list (see his roundup here). I also read the FAQ from UnSpun and it looks like these rankings may have some validity as consensus rankings.

They are a nice gesture, though I doubt if they will contribute to my tenure!

UPDATE #3: I just noticed that there is also a “Biblioblogs I Read Most Often” list in which Codex ranks #4.

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Cool New Audio Biblioblog

24th April 2007

Tim Bulkeley, of SansBlogue and Hypertext Bible Commentary fame (or is that infamy?) has once again moved to the cutting edge and started an audio blog called “5 Minute Bible.”

He’s started a series on the book of Jonah. So far he’s posted an introductory podcast on Jonah 1:1 as well as one on the importance of genre — which actually deals more with Amos 4:4-5 (rather brilliantly, I might add).

I strongly encourage you to check it out — it’s really pretty cool. The podcasts are informative and witty — and Tim’s New Zealand accent alone is worth the five minutes!

And if you like the book of Jonah… check out my (incomplete) blog commentary here.

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My Second Blogiversary

8th April 2007

Two years ago today I decided on a whim to start a blog. Now two years and 648 posts and 856 comments later Codex Blogspot is still alive and kicking. I have had over 190,000 visitors from all over the world to the blog — a statistic that is mind-blowing.

There have been a couple blogging lulls over the last two years (like the last couple weeks!), but I think I have managed to be fairly consistent with posting regularly and on a variety of subjects. I have tried to both have content posts and news posts, long and short posts, academic and more popular posts, and — of course — serious and funny posts. Some of my favourites may be found here.

At any rate, thank you for visiting and making my blogging experience one that is both positive and fruitful.


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Blogging Lull

21st March 2007

You probably noticed that there has been a bit of a blogging lull! It just seems to be a low energy yet busy time of the semester, so I haven’t had the time nor the inclination to do much blogging. I’m over the hump, so to speak, so I imagine things will pick up here a bit. I have a lot of partially written posts that I hope to finish up, among other things.


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Visitor 150,000, Who Are You?

19th February 2007


At precisely 8:39:53 am Eastern time this morning (Monday 19 February 2007) my 150,000th visitor happened upon this blog.

As I mentioned earlier, this lucky visitor gets a free book. The reader was a fellow Canadian from Napanee, Ontario. If you think it was you, then email me at codex [at] biblical-studies [dot] com and let me know some particulars such as your IPS, computer operating system, monitor, and/or browser software and we’ll discuss your book prize!

To everyone else, I just want to say, “Thank you for visiting!� I added the counter on July 7th 2005, so it took about 19 months to reach the 150,000 mark. More significantly, it only took just over three months to get from 100,000 to 150,000. Wow.

Again, thanks for visiting! (I hope it was worth your time!)

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Approaching 150,000 — Time to Give Away A Free Book!

13th February 2007

OK, I know that the last time I tried this it didn’t work (the person never claimed their prize), but if anything I am persistent!

As this blog approaches its 150,000th visitor (all I can say is “wow, thanks for visiting!”), I want to give away a book. So here’s the deal: if you are number 150,000 I will send you a free book (I’ll give you some options and you can choose).

I figure that number 150,000 should visit by Sunday or Monday.

Thanks for visiting and good luck!

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Snowed Under…

12th February 2007

Wow… I figured I better post something so people don’t think I have went the way of the dodo! I am snowed under finishing a couple reports for Taylor University College’s five-year accreditation review. I should be finished them tomorrow (for now at least), so I will start to post regularly again Thursday. I have my second post in my Ideas of Origins and Creation in Ancient Mesopotamia series pretty much finished, though I need a bit of time to do some final editing. See you soon!

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WordPress 2.1 – Worth the Upgrade

26th January 2007

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.1. This looks like a significant upgrade… I especially like some of the chages they did to the post editor (you can now tab between code and wysiwyg view), the autosave feature (no more lost posts!), and the spelling checker (not that I need it! :-) ). There are a number of other upgrades, but I haven’t had time to explore them all.

Please let me know if you notice anything not working correctly and have a great weekend!

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Back from SBL

22nd November 2006

I got back from Washington late last night to cold blizzard-like conditions in Edmonton. I could barely see the car ahead of me on the short highway trip into town from the airport. I was exhausted. I dragged myself out of bed today since I had to teach three classes (OT Literature, Intro Hebrew, and a senior course on Psalms).

I will probably write a post or two about SBL, but not tonight. Suffice it to say for now that I very much enjoyed this year’s SBL. I enjoyed meeting old friends (and seeing the new James Bond film with a number of them), making new friends and acquaintances, putting faces to the names of other bloggers, buying books (way too many!), and listening to some interesting papers (and some not so interesting).

For those who weren’t at SBL and still happened upon this blog, I trust you enjoyed (or at least tolerated!) my “Best of Codex” posts.

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