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Five Books/Scholars that Shaped My Reading of the Bible

I have been tagged in the popular¬† “Five Books” meme and since I want to return to blogging more regularly, I figured I would add my five to the growing list of biblical studies blogs that have responded to the … Continue reading

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Women, Biblioblogs, and the Biblical Studies Carnival

There is an interesting conversation going on among some bibliobloggers surrounding the involvement (or lack thereof) of women in blogging the Bible.¬† While this may be a lamentable situation, I don’t find it surprising.¬† The proportion of women bibliobloggers probably … Continue reading

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The Death of Blogs?

The Christianity Today blog uploaded a post yesterday entitled “The Death of Blogs” where Ted Olson muses on the demise of blogging in general and “God-blogging” in particular. He points to some recent research showing evidence of widespread “blog burnout.” … Continue reading

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Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging

See John Lyons’s humorous post over at Reception of the Bible. I would probably add to his list, “Blogging without Jim West’s Imprimatur.” Tags: Blogs, Blogging, Biblioblogs, Humour

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Banning Books and Blogs – Jim West’s Imprimatur

Gee, you turn away from the computer for a second and a firestorm breaks out! Michael Bird started the “kerfuffle” (using Chris Heard‘s description of the controversy) when he listed as one of his “pet hates” when his students cite … Continue reading

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