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The Androgynous Adam: Sex and Sexuality in the Garden

Claude Mariottini, over at his eponymous blog, drew our attention to a couple recent books on the Bible and Sex, Michael Coogan’s God and Sex: What the Bible Really Says (New York: The Hachette Book Group, 2010; buy from … Continue reading

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Adam’s Premature Ejection

One of the challenges we face with interpreting some biblical stories is the problem of familiarity. We don’t really read the text carefully because we already know what it means. This is the case for many of us when we … Continue reading

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What Does Harmonizing Genesis 1 and 2 Really Accomplish?

I am teaching an undergraduate course on the book of Genesis this semester and have been reflecting on how to best read the creation accounts in Genesis 1 and 2. Many of my students have been brought up to read … Continue reading

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Canucks and Creation

A recent poll suggests that 60% of Canadians believe that God was somehow involved in creating humankind, whether directly or indirectly. According to the Canadian Press-Decima Research survey, Canadians fall into three groups: 34% believe in some sort of evolutionary … Continue reading

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Ideas of Origins and Creation in Ancient Mesopotamia, Part 1

Next to a close reading of the biblical text, one of the most important steps in its interpretation is knowledge of the ancient cultural and literary context of the Bible. For proper interpretation, we need to know a text’s genre. … Continue reading

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