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As many of you know, my position at The King’s University College is coming to a close at the end of the month. The deal brokered between (the now defunct) Taylor University College, The King’s University College, and Alberta Advanced … Continue reading

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Christian Carnival Edition 435

Welcome to this week’s Christian Carnival. There are a number of interesting and engaging posts from around the blogosphere related to Christian matters — and here are a few of them. First off, Joshua (aka Disciple) reminds us about the … Continue reading

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Christian Carnival ii (2 November 2011 edition)

Welcome to the November 2nd edition of the Christian Carnival ii, where Christian blog writers — of various denominational backgrounds — share their best posts from the previous week. This week’s offerings are good, albeit a bit sparse. I was  … Continue reading

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The Myth of Religious Violence

Those in Edmonton this Friday May 13th will want to take in the 2011 deGroot Memorial Lecture with Dr. William Cavanaugh. He will be speaking on The Myth of Religious Violence. The lunch and lecture runs 12:00-2:30 pm and is … Continue reading

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SmackDown Slam of the Week: Stark vs. Copan’s Is God a Moral Monster?

Some may be familiar with Paul Copan‘s recent book Is God a Moral Monster? Making Sense of the Old Testament God (Baker, 2011; Buy from | Buy from It is an attempt to address the criticisms leveled against … Continue reading

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2011 Ancient Historiography Seminar Schedule Now Online

I submitted my last grades for the semester and can now move on to some research and writing projects.  I just updated the website for the 2011  CSBS Ancient Historiography Seminar. The focus on this year’s Seminar is “History, Historiography, … Continue reading

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Yahweh’s (Inexplicable?) Response to Job

One of the most marvelous passages of Scripture in the Tanak is found at the end of the book of Job where Yahweh (surprisingly) responds to Job from the whirlwind (Job 38:1-42:6).  I’ve tended to understand Yahweh’s reply to Job … Continue reading

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Who’s Mark and What’s His Secret?

A couple of my buddies over at York University who study the appendix to the Bible (I think it’s called the New Testament :-)) also study some obscure stuff relating to the appendix (called the “Christian Apocrypha”). At any rate, … Continue reading

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Religious Studies and Theology: Living in Both Worlds

[This post was originally published 08/2009] Chris Heard over at Higgaion posted an interesting discussion of Kurt Noll’s article, “The Ethics of Being a Theologian,” over at the Chronicle of Higher Education web site. While I agree with Chris that … Continue reading

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Saul: The King Who Should Have Never Been (The Kings of Chronicles)

[Chronicles is another one of my research areas. This post was originally uploaded 10/2009] King Saul is a tragic figure in the biblical narrative. According to the Deuteronomistic History (his reign is recorded in 1Samuel 9-31), it seems as soon … Continue reading

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