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Biblical Studies Carnival XLIV Online at Jimmy’s Blog

1st August 2009

Good Ol’Jimmy Bob West will have you in stitches with his caustic odd sarcastic humorous take on the forty-fourth Biblical Studies Carnival over at his stomping grounds, Jim West. The Zwinglian-turned-comedian has rounded up all of the carnival freaks and produced a Biblical Studies Carnival to remember (or forget?).

I should also mention that there is a brand spanking new Biblical Studies Carnival homepage at my recently renovated Codex site. And while I have the next couple Carnivals organized, I’m looking for hosts for the fall and winter, so please let me know if you are interested.

The next Carnival will be hosted by my former student and newbie blogger, Mike Kok (it sounds like Coke) at his blog, The Golden Rule.

Oh, yes, any and all malcontents should direct their complaints about the current carnival to its host — I only organize these things! (Good job Jimmy!)

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