Women, Biblioblogs, and the Biblical Studies Carnival

There is an interesting conversation going on among some bibliobloggers surrounding the involvement (or lack thereof) of women in blogging the Bible.  While this may be a lamentable situation, I don’t find it surprising.  The proportion of women bibliobloggers probably corresponds roughly to the proportion of women who teach biblical studies and the number of women in pastoral teaching ministry (which is also lamentable, IMHO).

I am more than happy to go on public record that I am egalitarian. I believe that women may serve as pastors if gifted and called. I believe that the Apostle Paul subverted male “headship” in marriage when he commanded men to “love their wives as Christ loved the church.”  I believe that the church should strive by God’s grace to be the eschatological community of God where there are no divisions based on race, gender, or social-economic status, among other things.

That being said, as coordinator of the Biblical Studies Carnival for the last three years I am sad to say that I have only had one woman blogger agree to host a Carnival: Judy Redman hosted BSC XXXVIII over at her Research Blog in  February 2009. That is not due for lack of trying. While I primarily rely on individuals to volunteer themselves to host, I have in the past made a special effort to invite woman bloggers to host.  In that spirit, I formally invite all women bibliobloggers to host a Biblical Studies Carnival. Just let me know when I can put you down on the schedule.

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7 Responses to Women, Biblioblogs, and the Biblical Studies Carnival

  1. Tyler,

    Couples okay too? Sign us up.


  2. Jim says:

    tyler- any accusation against bibliobloggers that they are unfair or biased is just tripe.

  3. Hey Jim,

    I would agree that there is no overall bias or unfairness. That being said, we are all biased and opinionated (that’s why we have the chutzpah to write blogs! :-)), and I just think it is always a good thing to try to be as inclusive and inviting as possible. Perhaps that’s the “Canadian” talking in me! Cheers… Tyler.

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  5. Sue says:

    I have to admit that I was ignorant of the practice for some time, but used my hen scratches posts to honour other bibliobloggers, including yourself, John HObbins and many others.

    I did make an offer in a blog comment last month, but I withdraw it today, since Jim posts,

    “I’m sure that all sent Suzanne M. into an apopleptic fit”

    My personal blog has never been blogrolled as a biblioblog which has put me in an slightly ambiguous position. However, that ambiguity is now over.

    I have good memories of some bibliobloggers but overall it has been disappointing to be part of a group where some link positively to an article on the need for a husband to assert his rule over his wife. I need to move on from that part of my life. I cannot remain within a community which approves of this treatment of women. \

  6. Sue says:

    I do recall your asking me to host a series on the BBB on bibliobloggers one summer. I did this, in fact. If I did not host a “biblical studies carnival” in the appropriate way, it was from ignorance rather than lack of will. As I mentioned my personal blog has never been listed as a biblioblog.

    Thank you for stating openly your support of the egalitarian paradigm. I don’t know if I will ever recover from living within the complementariarian paradigm for so long. I don’t think there is any place for surivivors in this community.

    I appreciate your goodwill. It has been nice meeting you online.

  7. Sue says:

    Perhaps biblical studies carnivals and biblioblogs are not connected. I think too much is assumed. I was not even aware until recently that you were the person that one emailed to host a carnival.

    I have said enough.

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