Hosts Needed for Biblical Studies Carnivals

I need some hosts for future Biblical Studies Carnivals. I will be doing December’s BSC, while Judy Redman will host January’s over at Judy’s research blog. I would like to have six months organized, so step up and do your part.

If you would like to volunteer to host a Biblical Studies Carnival, please let me know by either emailing me at “codex [at] biblical-studies [dot] ca” or leaving a comment on this post with your blog and contact information. If you have volunteered in the past by somehow never got in the schedule, I apologize. Please send me an email and you will receive priority! I will also give preference to those who have not yet done a Carnival.

If you want more information, please see the Biblical Studies Carnival homepage.

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4 Responses to Hosts Needed for Biblical Studies Carnivals

  1. Jim Getz says:

    I could do either the carnival for May (on June 1) or June (on July 1).

  2. I’d love to do one, sooner rather than later, since I’m on sabbatical this Spring.

  3. Jim says:

    Put me down for august if you like.

  4. Let me know what month(s) are still not covered!

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