Biblical Studies Carnival XXVIII online at Thoughts on Antiquity

Chris Weimer has uploaded the real Biblical Studies Carnival XXVIII over at Thoughts on Antiquity (He had previously uploaded a special edition of the Carnival on the morning of April 1st). Chris does an excellent job surveying some of the best biblical studies posts from the month of March 2008. I’m glad that I actually had some posts to contribute this time!

Next up for the Biblical Studies Carnival is Jim West, over at his eponymous blog. He’ll be pulling together the May 2008 edition of the Biblical Studies Carnival (which will be number XXIX, or number 29 for those of you who have trouble with Roman numerals, not to name names, Jim), so do him a favour and remember to nominate posts this month.

For more information, please consult the Biblical Studies Carnival Homepage.

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