Biblical Studies Carnival News & Call for Submissions

I have up-dated the Biblical Studies Carnival Homepage, as well as the Blog Carnival listings for the Biblical Studies Carnivals. As the unofficial (yet kind of official) coordinator for the Biblical Studies Carnivals, I have summarily pronounced Doug Chaplin‘s “A little unofficial Biblical Studies carnivalette” over at MetaCatholic the official Biblical Studies Carnival for December 2007. I was hoping to put together a carnival due to a last minute cancellation, though with all of the end of term marking and getting ready for an Arizona vacation, I just couldn’t pull it off. I even took everything with me on holidays, but between Christmas, golfing in Yuma, and Sea World San Diego, I just couldn’t find the time (or perhaps more accurately, the energy) to put it all together. I have a rough word document with all of the urls and some narrative, but I don’t think I will spend the time making it publishable. Sorry to disappoint everyone in the blogosphere 🙂

Call for Submissions: BSC XXVII

Kevin Wilson over at Blue Cord has published a call for submissions for the next Biblical Studies Carnival. If you have read some interesting blog posts that relate to academic biblical studies, please nominate them today! It can be one of your own posts or you can nominate a post written by someone else — don’t forget that the post needs to fit into the general category of academic biblical studies and cognate areas and needs to have been written sometime in February 2008.

You can submit/nominate posts by emailing Kevin directly at kwilson [at] or you may email them to biblical_studies_carnival AT hotmail DOT com.

Upcoming Carnival Hosts Needed

If you are interested in hosting a future Biblical Studies Carnival, I am looking for hosts. I have hosts for the next two Carnivals (March and April) and then I am open for nominations.

For more information on all of this, consult the Biblical Studies Carnival Homepage.

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6 Responses to Biblical Studies Carnival News & Call for Submissions

  1. Doug Chaplin says:

    I feel I should have a go at volunteering for an official one now! So you can put me on your list, but not for August please.

  2. Duane says:

    I’d be happy to do another.

  3. John Hobbins says:

    I’m happy to help as well.

  4. Jim says:

    Tyler how bout putting me on the list for June? Be glad to do it then.

  5. I’ll be happy to do another. Not until after June, though, please.

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