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How Do You Like My New Digs?

21st February 2008

I have transitioned to a new host provider for my website and blog and everything appears to be working fine and dandy. I was pleased that there was really no down time, though my blog looked goofy and wasn’t entirely functional until this morning. I am really impressed with my new web host — I get tonnes of disk space and bandwidth, multiple mySQL databases, unlimited email accounts and as many domains as anyone would possibly want. Very nice.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am going to re-enter blogdom and will try to post regularly. I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging over the last couple years and have appreciated the number of emails I have received wondering if everything was well and asking why I stopped blogging. Let’s consider it a sabbatical and move on!

I am glad to hear that Jim West has decided to follow Jesus to blog again. His new blog may be found at Welcome back Jim!

7 Responses to “How Do You Like My New Digs?”

  1. mike Says:

    welcome! I’m looking forward to reading your posts again.

  2. Claude Mariottini Says:


    Welcome back. I am glad you are blogging again.

    Claude Mariottini

  3. Kevin A. Wilson Says:

    Welcome back. I have missed your posts. Glad to hear you are at it again.

  4. John Hobbins Says:

    Tyler Williams and Jim West both back in business! The world is not such a lonely place anymore.

  5. Lingamish Says:

    Good. Loads a lot faster than the old one. Now, we’re looking forward to remembering why we subscribed to this blog… ;-)

  6. Bob Derrenbacker Says:

    I thought you were dead…


  7. Ken Says:

    I like the new site man… a lot faster!