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OK, I don’t know why it has been so hard to get back to blogging. Last semester I was teaching an overload and with other volunteer responsibilities I just found it hard to blog. This semester I am teaching a lighter load, though once you are out of the habit of blogging, I find it extremely difficult to get back to it. But I am determined that I will get back to blogging regularly.

I wanted to announce however, that this blog and my web site may be down for a day or so as I change internet hosting providers. I am moving my domain to a new host that will allow me multiple mySQL databases and multiple domain names so that I can install and play with moodle and a number of other things. The transition may be smooth and you won’t notice any interrupton in service, but I thought I should note it in case you think my blog was hacked like Jim West’s blog (I can’t believe someone went and deleted his entire blog!).

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One Response to Back to Blogging

  1. Henry Kirsch says:

    Good to see you’re back up and running. I was wondering if you were swamped with workload, etc., and it seems you were. Glad you’re back. Keep it up, I visit your site almost daily.
    God bless.

    You’ll be sad to know that my Hebrew has slipped. Boy, it’s been tough to keep stuff like that up.


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