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Hockey Night Brawl in Canada

1st December 2007

Hockey is a big part of Canadian self-identity. When I started coaching and managing my son’s hockey teams, I somehow felt more Canadian. I love watching my son play — it’s really a lot of fun to watch (and he loves playing).

What saddens me is when it is taken too seriously — usually by parents. Take a look at this video of a brawl at a novice hockey game in Ontario. These are eight year old kids. What’s perhaps worse is that some of the parents starting fighting on the bench! What role models they were!

It’s a game. It’s for fun. Your kid will NOT make the NHL. OK, some kids do make the NHL, but there is more likelihood that you will win a lottery. When I was at a Hockey Canada safety certification course a week ago, the instructor noted that just over 40 kids worldwide born in any given year make it to the NHL. That’s it.

Let’s  work to make hockey what it is – the best game in the world (next to rugby, that is!).

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