Back from the Depths

OK, I know I keep saying I will get back to regular blogging. This time I (hopefully) mean it!

I have been swamped with the beginning of the semester things like writing syllabi, updating course webpages, and — perhaps the most time consuming — converting my PowerPoint lecture slides to Keynote (which, btw, I quite like). Of course, it is never as simple as just converting my slides; I must edit and update them as well, which takes even more time!

I am teaching a fairly heavy load this fall, including OT Literature, Introduction to Hermeneutics and Method, Religion and Popular Culture, and Reading the Historical Books (Chronicles). I quite enjoy teaching all of these courses, but they will certainly keep me busy. The payoff for such a busy fall semester is a very light winter semester (only 1.5 courses — yippee!).

(I have also been having some minor health issues, which are more annoying than anything else.)

So, hopefully this fall you can expect posts relating to my courses as well as sundry other topics relating to the Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint, and — of course — the World Cup of Rugby.


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5 Responses to Back from the Depths

  1. Paul V Dolan says:

    I am quite interested in the Septuagint (LXX).

  2. The Slice says:

    You are not “back from the depths” until you start posting on a regular basis. Until then you are only looking at us from the depths.

    And yes, after your performance of the last couple of months I do get to make the rules!

  3. Ken says:

    Wow, “The Slice” is a little opinionated! I think it’s good you have kept your blog sabbatical. It’s such a peripheral thing, regardless of the opinions of rabid bibliobloggers. I’m not going to get back to it until I actually have real time for it.

  4. Ahem… thanks for your opinion, Slice.

    I feel chastised and dirty somehow. 🙂

  5. Tyler,

    You are not alone. Today was the second day of classes (we are in the Quarter System) and I am completely involved with the activities of class preparation, advising, and things related to the first week of classes.

    It is hard but my consolation is that I will be on sabbatical from January to October of 2008.

    Have fun teaching this semester.

    Claude Mariottini

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