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A Tale of Two Tombs

AKM Adams had an interesting random thought about the recent discovery of King Herod’s tomb. He links to the press release by the Hebrew University and then makes the following comment: What, you say you didn’t hear about this archaeological … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 3: The End of a Franchise

I just returned from watching Spider-Man 3 (Sam Raimi, 2007; IMDb). It wasn’t just so-so; it was awful. I couldn’t believe it. The first two Spider-Man movies were great. This one was cheesy. I’m not sure what was the worst … Continue reading

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May 2007 SBL Forum: Getting Wired without Vowel Pointing and More Tombs

The May 2007 Society of Biblical Literature Forum has been uploaded. As always there are many interesting articles, including an article by blogger Danny Zacharias about some of the on-line tools Google offers the instructor (and one non-Google tool as … Continue reading

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King Herod’s Tomb: Some Pictures

Courtesy of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, here are some pictures related to the discovery of the tomb of Herod the Great. Above: A general view of the slope of Herodium in which Herod’s tomb was found.   Above: The … Continue reading

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Psalm 2:11-12 – A Text Critical Crux Interpretum

Jim Getz over at Ketuvim has an interesting post on choosing a Bible translation for classroom use. In the end Jim chooses the NRSV, for a variety of reasons which you can read for yourself (For the record, I use … Continue reading

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Herod: What You May Not Have Known

Todd Bolen has an interesting post about King Herod: King Herod: Ten Things You Didn’t Know. Give it a gander. Tags: Archaeology, Discovery, King Herod, Herod the Great, Herodium, Herod’s Tomb

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More on Herod’s Tomb

The Hebrew University in Jerusalem held a press conference this morning on the discovery of Herod’s tomb. Here is an excerpt from the press release: Jerusalem, May 8, 2007 — The long search for Herod the Great’s tomb has ended … Continue reading

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Tomb Discovered of Herod the Great

Based on a press release from the Hebrew University in Israel, the tomb of King Herod was discovered at the Herodium, one of Herod’s palace-fortresses bordering the Judean desert. King Herod — as known as “Herod the Great” — ruled … Continue reading

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HBRW WTHT VWLS GN (Hebrew Without Vowels Again)

In line with this previous post about how to get across to students that Biblical Hebrew was originally written without vowel indicators, I found this great example over at Davar Akher: Th lphbt s hrd t mstr; Rdng bck t … Continue reading

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Jesus Pets – You’ve Got to be Kidding!

Worried about who will take fido for a walk after you are raptured? Want to make sure your kitty cat is cared for after it’s “left behind”? All premillenialist pet-lovers should check out this site: Who is going to care … Continue reading

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