Dame Mary Douglas (1921-2007) and Purity in Leviticus

Upon hearing the sad news of the death of Dame Mary Douglas last week, I was thinking of writing up a short post on her significant contribution to the study of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible — in particular her ground breaking understanding of the purity laws in the book of Leviticus. As it turns out John Hobbins has beaten me to it over at Ancient Hebrew Poetry.

You may read his thoughtful post here.

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  1. Matt Page says:

    Hi Tyler,

    If you are going to write something about Douglas, it’d be great if you did it before Monday. I’m teaching on Leviticus at my Through the Bible in Five and a Half Years course, and would love to catch up on and include her insights which have so far escaped me. (Internet search resuming imminently).


  2. Matt Page says:

    oops – did the link wrong. Should be this

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