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Best Blogs about Biblical Studies?

25th April 2007

There is a list over at UnSpun on the “Best Blogs about Biblical Studies.” I’m not sure what significance the list has and who all made it, but Codex is ranked number 5. Cool.

UPDATE: I just noticed that there is another list “Top Ten Biblioblogs” and there Codex is ranked number 3. Even Cooler.

It seems that these rankings may be voted on by anyone and as such are not really that meaningful. That being said, thanks to anyone who thought of me and gave Codex a good ranking.

I’d like to thank God, my parents…

UPDATE #2: Airton José da Silva left a comment below… he’s the one who started the “Best Blogs about Biblical Studies” list (see his roundup here). I also read the FAQ from UnSpun and it looks like these rankings may have some validity as consensus rankings.

They are a nice gesture, though I doubt if they will contribute to my tenure!

UPDATE #3: I just noticed that there is also a “Biblioblogs I Read Most Often” list in which Codex ranks #4.

3 Responses to “Best Blogs about Biblical Studies?”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    You’re also #3 on the Top Biblioblogs list at UnSpun…

  2. tim bulkeley Says:

    Codex deserves to be near the top, though I notice that there are 13 listed in the Top Ten list (so since it can’t count, I’d be wary of counting on its accuracy ;-)

  3. airtonjo Says:

    Created on Apr 14, 2007 by airtonjo. There is a roundup about the list here.

    Please, read the FAQ.

    Airton José da Silva
    Brodowski – SP – Brazil