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Religious Literacy 101

While this isn’t really new news, the Kansas City Star has recently published an excerpt from Stephen Prothero’s new book on religious literacy, Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know — and Doesn’t (HarperSanFrancisco, 2007; Buy from or … Continue reading

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Satan and Illegal Immigration

OK, methinks Canadian politics are a bit different than those in the United States! According to the Salt Lake Tribune, District 65 Chairman Don Larsen (any relation to Bob Larson? … probably not since their names are spelled differently!) has … Continue reading

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Classroom Etiquette — Or Lack Thereof!

The Constructive Curmudgeon, aka Douglas Groothuis, has a post about the “Rude Things Students Do.” In some ways the list is quite the eye-opener. I’ve definitely had some rude students in my decade of teaching, but I’ve never had students … Continue reading

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Ancient Egyptian Semitic Snake Spells (or “Snakes in a Pyramid”)

“Ancient Egyptian Semitic Snake Spells” — say that five times fast! As I am getting caught up on some blogging, Shawn Flynn had brought to my attention an interesting article about some semitic spells found on the walls of the … Continue reading

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Best Blogs about Biblical Studies?

There is a list over at UnSpun on the “Best Blogs about Biblical Studies.” I’m not sure what significance the list has and who all made it, but Codex is ranked number 5. Cool. UPDATE: I just noticed that there … Continue reading

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The Book of Psalms for Beginners

Stephen Cook over at Biblische Ausbildung has posted on “books that provide ‘accessible interpretation’ of the psalms.” He notes four books in particular, two commentaries and two introductions by two authors: Mays, James Luther. Psalms. Interpretation. W/JK, 1994. Buy from … Continue reading

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Cool New Audio Biblioblog

Tim Bulkeley, of SansBlogue and Hypertext Bible Commentary fame (or is that infamy?) has once again moved to the cutting edge and started an audio blog called “5 Minute Bible.” He’s started a series on the book of Jonah. So … Continue reading

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All Finished!

I am finished (in more ways than one!). I am going to enjoy a nice bike ride into the University now and submit my final grades. I still have to decide what I will do tonight to celebrate… but now … Continue reading

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Hermeneutics Humour

This morning in the final examination for my advanced hermeneutics class, a student entered, looked at me very seriously and said in a very stern and threatening voice, “I’ll fuse your horizons!” I giggled throughout the exam period (of course, … Continue reading

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End of Semester Marking Extravaganza

Once again my blogging has lagged. I just haven’t had the energy at the end of semester and I didn’t know what to blog the last couple days in light of the horrible tragedy at Virginia Tech (I know it … Continue reading

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