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Diplomatic or Ecclectic: How Do You Like Your Hebrew Bible?

Mississippi Fred MacDowell (I love that name) over at On the Main Line has a good post on why he favours a diplomatic Hebrew Bible based on the Masoretic Text. His post, “Why should we prefer the Masoretic text? Should … Continue reading

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Jesus/Talpiot Tomb Monday Update

I don’t have the energy for an extensive update, but I did want to note a couple significant discussions surrounding the Talpiot tomb. First, they have added an article entitled, “Has the Tomb of Jesus Been Discovered?,” by the noted … Continue reading

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Star Trek… Christmas 2008

Paramount Pictures has announced that the eleventh Star Trek film will be released on Christmas Day 2008. The film, will be directed by Lost creator JJ Abrams and will focus on the early lives of Captain James T. Kirk and … Continue reading

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The Lighter Side of Jesus’ Tomb

The author of Dilbert has given his two cents on the Jesus Tomb controversy (HT PaleoJudaica & Scotteriology) with a post on “Empty Boxes.” Here is an excerpt: If Jesus was in there [the newly discovered ossuary], and sat up … Continue reading

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Jesus/Talpiot Tomb Thursday Roundup

Time for another roundup of posts on the Jesus/Talpiot Tomb debate. First, a press release (“Ten Reasons Why The Jesus Tomb Claim is Bogus”) was issued by a number of scholars (Ben Witherington, Darrell Bock, Craig Evans, Gary Habermas, Paul … Continue reading

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Judaikitsch: Tefillin Barbie

While this doesn’t exactly fit my category of “Jesus Junk and Christian Kitsch” with Purim approaching I can’t help but note this piece of Judaikitsch: Tefillin Barbie. For just under one hundred dollars you can get a barbie complete with … Continue reading

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Learning Ancient Hebrew

John Hobbins over at Ancient Hebrew Poetry has some good tips about learning Classical Hebrew.  John sets the bar high with his introductory paragraph: If you want to learn ancient Hebrew so as to savor its sounds, understand the nuances … Continue reading

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