The Lighter Side of Jesus’ Tomb

The author of Dilbert has given his two cents on the Jesus Tomb controversy (HT PaleoJudaica & Scotteriology) with a post on “Empty Boxes.” Here is an excerpt:

If Jesus was in there [the newly discovered ossuary], and sat up when I took the lid off, I’d first try to judge how angry he looked. If he had that money-changers-in-the-temple look, I’d go with a joke, like “Ha ha! Turn the other cheek!� Or maybe I’d try to explain to him that the extra suffering was extra good for humanity, and after all, that’s his job. Then I’d say, “Hey, I don’t like my job either, but you don’t see me complaining all the time.�

I also had a chuckle at this over at Revelee:

They ask: “Statistically, what are the chances that all of these names would occur in one cluster?”

My response: “I’m no expert in statistics, but I’m sure the odds are pretty close to the chances of two film producers making a discovery that will change history decades after the primary scholars concluded their work on the tomb.”

Ted Olson over at Christianity Today has a satiric interview with James Cameron.

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2 Responses to The Lighter Side of Jesus’ Tomb

  1. Talmida says:

    The best comment I read suggested that the proof required was grooves, skid marks, or abrasion on the tomb walls, and/or rounded corners on the ossuary. Because we know Jesus would have been spinning in his grave (if he had one!) more than once over the past 2000 years of institutionalized Christianity!

  2. Rob Tornoe says:

    Great post. I’m a New Jersey editorial cartoonist, and here’s my take on the “Lost Tomb of Jesus.”

    Check out the cartoon here.

    Let me know what you think.

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