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First Temple Era Wall Uncovered

It appears that Eilat Mazar’s Jerusalem excavation is turning up more significant finds every year (see here for previous discoveries). The Jerusalem Post has an article in which it is claimed that a wall from the First Temple period was … Continue reading

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New Articles in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures

There are some new articles in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures, as well as a number of book reviews. The articles are as follows: Mark Sneed, “‘White Trash’ Wisdom: Proverbs 9 Deconstructed” Journal of Hebrew Scriptures – Volume 7: Article … Continue reading

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Neo-Babylonian Creation Texts (Creation in Ancient Mesopotamia, Part 3)

This is the third post in the series “Ideas of Origins and Creation in Ancient Mesopotamia.â€? The first post in the series detailed some methodological issues and highlighted some bibliographical resources, while the second post surveyed creation texts from the … Continue reading

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Hockey Season Over

No, I’m not talking about the Edmonton Oilers (though I may as well be!); I am talking about my son’s first year of pre-novice hockey. The season ended last weekend, though his team participated in the Tim Horton’s Timbits Jamboree … Continue reading

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Blogging Lull

You probably noticed that there has been a bit of a blogging lull! It just seems to be a low energy yet busy time of the semester, so I haven’t had the time nor the inclination to do much blogging. … Continue reading

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Talpiot in the SBL Forum

There have been a couple late additions to the Jesus/Talpiot Tomb debate in this month’s SBL Forum (see my previous post here). First, there is a lengthy response by James Tabor to the articles by Jodi Magness and Christopher Rollston. … Continue reading

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Preaching the Old Testament

Ray Pritchard has an interesting post over at entitled, “Why Don’t Pastors Preach From the Old Testament?” While most of the churches I have attended have done some preaching from the Old Testament (especially when I am preaching!), I … Continue reading

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A Comparative Psalter: MT, LXX, and English Translations

[I announced this back in June 2006; it is just now available] An interesting resource for the study of the Septuagint has just been published by Oxford University Press: A Comparative Psalter: Hebrew (Masoretic Text) – Revised Standard Version Bible … Continue reading

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SBL Forum March 2007: Biblical Studies Carnival

The March 2007 Society of Biblical Literature Forum has been uploaded. Once again there are many interesting articles, including one by yours truly on the Biblical Studies Carnival. In addition, there is some coverage of the Jesus/Talpiot Tomb debate, among … Continue reading

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Bulkeley’s Hypertext Bible Commentary in RBL

I haven’t been posting the regular updates to the Review of Biblical Literature lately, but I certainly wanted to note the one that was just came today because it has a review of blogger Tim Bulkeley‘s Amos: Hypertext Bible Commentary … Continue reading

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