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The Jesus Family Tomb

21st January 2007

In connection to my previous post, “Cameron and Jacobovici producing The Tomb,” I wanted to highlight that Jame’s book, The Jesus Dynasty: The Hidden History of Jesus, His Royal Family, and the Birth of Christianity is available from or The first chapter, “The Tale of Two Tombs,” is available from the ABC News website.

2 Responses to “The Jesus Family Tomb”

  1. Talmida Says:

    I’ll have to keep an eye out for this program.

    Over the holidays I read Kathy Reichs’ novel Cross Bones, in which Reichs’ heroine (Temperance Brennan) is involved in events surrounding the discovery of the tomb of Jesus’ family. In a post-script to the novel, Reichs writes:

    “[Dr. James] Tabor phoned one morning, and spoke of looted tombs and purloined skeletons. He was writing a nonfiction work, The Jesus Dynasty, in which he intended to present the historical facts about Jesus’ family, based on the latest archaeological research and discoveries. Would I like to hear the story for a possible Temperance Brennan plot?”

    It’s a fun read.


  2. jefferson Says:

    After just some cursory visits to websites and blogs regarding this latest spin on the tomb site, I don’t recall reading whether the journalist/producer had preserved sufficient remains from the ossuary of “Jude.” Can someone enlighten me. The book purports to establish that the “Jesus” and “Mariamne” samples prove no familial DNA markers in common, which allows for further speculation. But wouldn’t DNA analysis of “Jude” remains (if they are extent and sufficiently authentic and validly assigned) determine, without doubt, a genetic relationship with those of the other two “persons” already analyzed?
    Can anyone enlighten on this?