McDonald on the Biblical Canon

Danny Zacharias has an interesting interview on the canon of the Bible with Lee Martin McDonald over at Deinde. The interview revolves around the recently published third edition of McDonald’s book, The Biblical Canon: Its Origin, Transmission, and Authority (Hendrickson, 2007; Buy from or The interview is interesting, though I wish McDonald would have expanded on some of his views of the orgin and role of the LXX for canon studies!

McDonald also edited a collection of essays with James Sanders that is also essential reading for those interested in questions of canon: The Canon Debate (Hendrickson, 2002; Buy from or

Some other books on the question of canon include the following:

  • John Barton, Holy Writings, Sacred Text: The Canon in Early Christianity (Westminster John Knox, 1998; Buy from or
  • Roger Beckwith, The Old Testament Canon of the New Testament Church (Eerdmanns, 1985; Buy from or
  • Hans Freiherr von Campenhausen, The Formation of the Christian Bible (Translated by J. A. Baker; Fortress Press, 1972; Buy from or
  • Christine Helmer and Christof Landmesser, eds., One Scripture or Many? Canon from Biblical, Theological, and Philosophical Perspectives (Oxford University Press, 2004; Buy from or
  • Martin Hengel, The Septuagint As Christian Scripture: Its Prehistory And The Problem Of Its Canon (Baker, 2004; Buy from or
  • Bruce M. Metzger, The Canon of the New Testament: Its Origin, Development, and Significance (Oxford University Press, 1997; Buy from or
  • Andrew E. Steinmann, The Oracles of God: The Old Testament Canon (Concordia Academic Press, 1999; Buy from or

Of the above I would wholeheartedly recommend Hengel and the Helmer and Christof Landmesser volume, though all of them are worthy of reading.

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