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SBL Forum February 2007: Manuscripts, Monsters, and ETANA

The February 2007 SBL Forum is online and includes a number of interesting articles and news items. Any academics considering moving for work will want to read blogger Michael Bird‘s piece on the “biblical studies disaspora.” Those interested in my … Continue reading

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Ten Most Redeeming Films of 2006

Christianity Today Movies has released their “The 10 Most Redeeming Films of 2006” list. I believe this list is voted on by the Christianity Today’s movie review staff, including Peter Chattaway and Jeffrey Overstreet. It’s important to note that these … Continue reading

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Ideas of Origins and Creation in Ancient Mesopotamia, Part 1

Next to a close reading of the biblical text, one of the most important steps in its interpretation is knowledge of the ancient cultural and literary context of the Bible. For proper interpretation, we need to know a text’s genre. … Continue reading

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Forthcoming Commentaries on Genesis

In a comment on my previous post on commentaries on the book of Genesis, John Hobbins of Ancient Hebrew Poetry fame noted the value of Skinner’s ICC volume on Genesis (and he’s right, I should have at least listed it!). … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.1 – Worth the Upgrade

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.1. This looks like a significant upgrade… I especially like some of the chages they did to the post editor (you can now tab between code and wysiwyg view), the autosave feature (no more lost … Continue reading

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Religious Studies Review: Religion and the Internet

I just received the latest edition of the Religious Studies Review (Volume 32, number 4, October 2006), which is a special issue on Religion and the Internet edited by Christopher Helland. The volume highlights and evaluates a number of different … Continue reading

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Biblical Studies Carnival XIV Call for Submissions

Chris Weimer over at Thoughts on Antiquity has posted a call for submissions to the fourteenth Biblical Studies Carnival. I encourage you to submit a post today! This can be one of your own posts or you can nominate a … Continue reading

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The Slavonic Pseudepigrapha Project

I received notice today of an interesting online project dedicated to the Second Temple Jewish literature preserved in the Slavic milieux. The Slavonic Pseudepigrapha Project is developed by scholars from the Theology Department at Marquette University (Milwaukee, USA). The resource … Continue reading

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Jesus of Hollywood

I just received my copy of Adele Reinhartz’s new book, Jesus of Hollywood (Oxford University Press, 2007; Buy from or I have always been a fan of Reinhartz’s scholarship on the Bible and film, and it looks like … Continue reading

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Commentaries on Genesis

I am teaching an undergraduate course on the book of Genesis this semester, so I thought I would put together a post on what I consider some of the better commentaries on this foundational book of the Bible. I have … Continue reading

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