Latest in the Dead Sea Discoveries (14:1)

The latest volume of Dead Sea Discoveries (Volume 14, Issue 1) is out. There are a number of interesting articles in it, including the one by Barzilai. The contents are as follows:

  • Barzilai, Gabriel. “Incidental Biblical Exegesis in the Qumran Scrolls and Its Importance for the Study of the Second Temple Periodâ€? (pp. 1-24).
  • Broshi, Magen. “Essenes at Qumran? A Rejoinder to Albert Baumgartenâ€? (pp. 25-33).
  • Duke, Robert. “Moses’ Hebrew Name: The Evidence of the Vision of Amramâ€? (pp. 34-48).
  • Goldenberg, David. “Babatha, Rabbi Levi and Theodosius: Black Coins in Late Antiquityâ€? (pp. 49- 60).
  • Kister, Menahem. “The Development of the Early Recensions of the Damascus Documentâ€? (pp. 61-76).
  • van der Plicht, Johannes. “Radiocarbon Dating and the Dead Sea Scrolls: A Comment on ‘Redating’â€? (pp. 77-89).
  • Gzella, Holger. “The Use of the Participle in the Hebrew Bar Kosiba Letters in the Light of Aramaicâ€? (pp. 90-98).
  • Høgenhaven, Jesper. “The Literary Character of 4QTanhumimâ€? (pp. 99-124).

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