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Marking Done – Grades Submitted – Need Sleep

16th December 2006

Ah, nothing like the end of semester marking push to put someone in the mood for Christmas! Be that as it may, I am now finished (in more ways than one!). Marking is done; grades have been submitted. I am actually ahead of the game this semester since final grades are not due until this upcoming Friday. This is quite the accomplishment for me since I am usually one of the last professors to hand in grades.

Now I must turn my attention to a number of other important tasks before the next semester begins, including a number of blog posts that are needing some attention in my drafts folder.

2 Responses to “Marking Done – Grades Submitted – Need Sleep”

  1. Ken Says:

    Wow! Is this a joke of some kind?

  2. Tyler F. Williams Says:

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah… very funny! I’ve turned a new leaf!