Global Warming Sounds Good Right Now…

It’s stinking cold up here in northern Alberta (Michael Pahl concurs). We’re going through a bit of a cold snap with temperatures around -25 degrees Celsius (that’s around -13 F for you Americans). We’ve also had a tonne of snow. It’s a sad day when you get excited by a forecast for -10 C weather by Thursday. And it’s only November! At least it’s a “dry” cold! 🙂

“Have you entered the storehouses of snow?” (Job 38:22)

Uh, yeah, I live in Edmonton!

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5 Responses to Global Warming Sounds Good Right Now…

  1. Matt Baldwin says:

    Hey Tyler, just yesterday I was lying down in the sun on my front porch, on my couch, in bare feet, reading some antique book on Roman religion, no wind, and 68 degrees Farenheit, which is, like, 20 degrees Celsius!


    “Curse you, Al Gore!!!”

    “The fourth angel poured his bowl on the sun, and it was allowed to scorch them with fire; they were scorched by the fierce heat, but they cursed the name of God, who had authority over these plagues, and they did not repent and give him glory.” Rev 16:8-9.

  2. Talmida says:

    Oh Tyler, bite your tongue!

    I’ve missed this kind of winter. Admit it, the white, the cold, the blue sky — it’s a kind of breathtaking beauty you never get when it’s warmer and everything is GREY and SLUSHY!

    Besides, the cold and snow make everyone slow down, and foster a great sense of community.

    Although perhaps our outlooks on the weather differ because MY kids are old enough to do all the shovelling and yours aren’t?


  3. Joe Cathey says:


    What I would give to have your weather here in TX! It was a great time that I had with you and Ken, I only wish that we had about a foot of snow in D.C.

    Take Care

  4. Talmida: Not only are my kids not old enough, I also have to go shovel my Mom’s walks as we can’t find someone in her neighbourhood to do them!

    Joe: It was also great seeing you, though your wish for snow is deranged! 🙂

    Matt: May you sunburn the soles of your feet! 🙂

  5. Bob Derrenbacker says:

    The new ice age has gripped the “moderate climate” of Vancouver – minus 9 c., about 16″ of snow on the ground by UBC, no power, no Internet (!), no water to drink (we’ve been under a boiled water advisor for nearly two weeks). At this point, I’d even settle for Edmonton…


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