2007 Rugby World Cup Tickets On Sale

RugbyCanada.jpgSo, if you are thinking of buying me a Christmas present, you can always buy me some tickets to the 2007 Rugby World Cup since tickets go on sale today. Of course, you would have to buy me airplane tickets to France as well, since that is where the World Cup is being held next year.

Team Canada will have an uphill battle since we will playing in Pool B along with Australia, Wales, Fiji and the winner of the top team from Asia. Australia will be the toughest challenge. I also like Wales, but that is more because I have Welsh heritage. Canada’s first game is against Wales in Nantes on 9 September 2007 and will then we play Fiji in Cardiff on 16 September, Asia 1 in Bordeaux on 25 September and Australia in Bordeaux on 25 September.

I can’t wait. Rugby is the best game in the world!

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3 Responses to 2007 Rugby World Cup Tickets On Sale

  1. And if anyone wants to buy a kiwi a ticket, I’m already close to the action…living near London…hours away from the stadiums…I know Tyler deserves it more, but feel free to drop me a ticket 😉

    And drop your photos into the Rugby World Cup 2007 photo pool on flickr when the time comes.

  2. Justin Lewis-Anthony says:

    Oh dear, and I got my tickets (through the French RFU) ten months ago…! Three groups games in Lens. It’ll probably be Namibia versus Tonga, rather than any bigger nations, but at least I’m going. (And where I live in the UK, Lens is about 1 1/2 hours away through the tunnel!) gloat gloat

  3. Sid says:

    Canada plays Wales this Friday, Nov 17, in front of a packed Millenium Stadium in Cardiff (think 77,000 singing Welsh supporters).
    GO CANADA GO!!!!!!!!

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