Mac Woes…

sickmac.jpgMy poor Macintosh G4 Dual has been sick. 🙁

I’ve been without my Mac (and without Accordance Bible Software!!) since the power supply died over one month ago. I figured, “no problemo, I’ll just go an pick up a new one and have it up and running in a day.” But, sadly, the power supply in my G4 isn’t your typical power supply (I love my Mac, but I REALLY wish Apple used more standardized parts!). You can’t buy them just anywhere. In fact, there was none to be had in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. And guess what… new ones are unbelievably expensive. Rather than just pay the typical $50-75 dollars for a new power supply like normal people, this Mac needs power supplies that cost upwards of a few hundred dollars. In fact, some yoho at our local Mac store quoted me an unofficial $400 price over the phone and suggested I just buy a new computer! Argh!

To make a long story short, I found a used power supply on eBay and purchased it on October 4, 2006 for just over $100. “Great!” I thought, I should get the part in a week to ten days like the seller said and then I’ll be up and running. It was just delivered yesterday. Hmmm… it seems that “a week to ten days” means more like “a month”!! I was not impressed, to say the least. (Of course, now I have the moral dilemma on how to rate this seller on eBay)

At any rate, I installed the power supply and everything seems to be working fine and dandy.

Now I am happy. 🙂

My Mac is up and running with a new (used) power supply.

Accordance is up and running.

Things in my world are as they should be.

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2 Responses to Mac Woes…

  1. I’m curious why it’s a moral dilemma. I would look at when it was postmarked, and if it’s any time after the date required for shipping, I would want to warn future purchasers about this seller by giving a negative rating and then giving a brief comment that it was because of a severe delay in shipping. If the problem isn’t that person’s fault but with the shippping itself, I would give a good rating.

  2. Joe Cathey says:


    What kind of power supply does that Mac have – nuclear fusion?

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