Large Isaiah Scroll Online

This is a very slick online resource: The Dorot Foundation has made available an online version of the large Isaiah Scroll from Qumran (1QIsa-a).

This online image of the scroll is interactive; you can “unroll” the scroll via the slider at the bottom left and zoom in on portions of the scroll using the magnifying glass icon at the bottom right (click for larger image).


The zoom feature doesn’t magnify the image quite enough for serious research, but it is still a very useful online resource.

(HT ANE-2 List)

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2 Responses to Large Isaiah Scroll Online

  1. Thanks for the link! That’s fantastic. Quite snazzy too.

    Peace, Pat

  2. Gene Gardner says:

    If you click on the magnifying glass icon and get the enlarged window, and then right click on that window you can zoom the text even further so that it can be examined quite nicely.

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