Taylor Faculty Chili Cook-Off

The first (annual?) Taylor University College Chili Cook-Off was held today. This was an orientation event where faculty made a chili dinner for students. Each student was given one vote for whose chili was the best — and guess who won? Yup, yours truly. My bowl of red was voted number one.

I love chili (the spicier the better) and I made a huge vat for the students as well as a special “hot as hell γέεννα� version for those tough enough to try it out. I only entered the more mild version in the contest, since the other stuff is not suitable for mere mortals and I figured people wouldn’t vote for something that causes the skin to peel from the roof of their mouths!

Well, I can’t bask in my greatness too long… classes start tomorrow morning and I need to get my beauty sleep. Cheers.

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2 Responses to Taylor Faculty Chili Cook-Off

  1. Lingamish says:

    Feeding the entire student body chili the day before class begins!

    Congrats on your chili award. This should go in your bio for sure.

  2. Jim Linville says:

    Congrats on the chili. The Philosophy dept down here has a curry-off every fall. You could drop down for that and try your hand at a wider multi-culturalism.

    Of course, you could also come down for the 3rd annual Religious Studies Halloween party. I intend on winning the costume contest this year, but I don’t have the foggiest idea on how to make an elephant head for a Ganesha costume. I might have to go for Mary Magdelene (the Bible don’t say she was cute…).


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