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Interesting Course on U2

Tim Neufeld is one lucky chap! He gets to teach a course entitled, “Theology, Culture, and U2” at Fresno Pacific University this fall. Go here to see a brief course description. I sure hope he blogs about his course more! … Continue reading

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This Week in God: Left Behind Video Games

While this segment is not new, YouTube now has it uploaded: The Daily Show’s Rob Corddry takes a look at the religous video game Left Behind: Eternal Forces on the show’s This Week in God segment. It’s a classic. Tags: … Continue reading

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Marijuana and Hashish in the Old Testament?

The Eastern Arizon Courier has a letter to the editor by Chris Bennett arguing from the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible that marijuana/cannabis is “God’s gift to the rest of humanity” and that while the “laws of man” may prohibit its use, … Continue reading

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King David: Fact or Fiction?

I saw this a couple days ago, but didn’t have time to post: Richard Ostiling of the Associated Press (via has a brief report on Israel Finkelstein and Neil Silberman’s (somewhat) new book, David and Solomon: In Search of … Continue reading

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Potentially Offensive Alert! A student was nice enough to send me this picture (he automatically thought of my “going potty” series when he saw it). Believe it or not, for a mere $18 USD, you can buy a T-shirt with … Continue reading

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Going Potty in Ancient Gath?! (GPAT 3.3)

The season at Tell es-Safi (ancient Gath) has almost come to a close. We have been able to follow the progress of the dig through their excellent blog here. On their July 31st update, they had an interesting discussion of … Continue reading

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