Gearing Up for the Fall Semester

Well, I just spent the last few days in faculty meetings as we at Taylor get ready for the upcoming academic year (our academic year begins September 6). I don’t mind meetings; it’s just a bit jarring to go from the summer work schedule (which is quite flexible) to sitting in meetings for all day long (and pretend to be alert!).

This fall semester I’m teaching a full load of classes at the University College, including Old Testament Literature (a first year introduction to the Hebrew Bible; see the course web page here), Introduction to Classical Hebrew (a cross-listed university and seminary course), and Psalms (a senior university course). I am also teaching an extra course at Taylor Seminary (their OT professor is on sabbatical) called The Kingdom of Israel (I’m going to take a bit of latitude with this course and focus primarily on the book of Chronicles). I imagine my blog posts will overlap somewhat with the courses I am teaching, so you can look forward to (or dread) some posts on the Psalter, Chronicles, and Hebrew — among other things!

No more meetings for a while… now I just have to get my syllabi ready for the fall!

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2 Responses to Gearing Up for the Fall Semester

  1. Joe Cathey says:


    What books are you using for your classes. I am especially interested in your texts for Hebrew and History of Israel classes. Maybe a post on this in the near future?

  2. PoppyG says:

    Is your Hebrew course available online. I am an “advanced novice”, meaning I am semi-self taught probably to an intermediate level. Interested in formal instruction, and an online course would suit my schedule and needs. Thanks

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