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Star Trek Inspirational Posters

Stephen Martin, my friend over at The King’s University College here in Edmonton, sent me this link to some humorous Star Trek Inspirational Posters. I think this is my favourite: Tags: Popular Culture, Star Trek, Posters, Humour

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School Supply Silliness? – White Out Banned!

My kids all go back to school next week, so naturally we have been getting together their school supplies for the year. Most of the items are standard: duotangs, paper, pens, pencils (HB pencils of course!), etc. What caught my … Continue reading

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Blog Cited in RBL Review

Bob Buller, the Editorial director for the Society of Biblical Literature, emailed me Sunday to let me know that one of my blog posts was cited in a book review for the Review of Biblical Literature. This is what Bob … Continue reading

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I do not want to make any political statement on the Middle East conflict or the politics of the BBC, but as someone who has watched more than enough Teletubbies to ensure no time in purgatory, when I saw this … Continue reading

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Jesus Junk and Christian Kitsch 7 – Jesus Kitsch

I haven’t posted in my “Jesus Junk and Christian Kitsch” series for a while, so when I saw the first item below I knew I just had to put together a special “Jesus Kitsch” issue! This post is part of … Continue reading

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Beloit’s Mindset List – How About One for Canadians?

Beloit College in the USA publishes a “Mindset List” at the begining of every academic year that claims to look “at the cultural touchstones that have shaped the lives of today’s first-year students.” This year’s list may be found here. … Continue reading

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Teaching Classical Hebrew

I will be teaching Introduction to Classical Hebrew again this year. I have almost ten years experience teaching Hebrew and I can say that I still love teaching it! For my introductory course am going to use Kittel’s text, which … Continue reading

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Gearing Up for the Fall Semester

Well, I just spent the last few days in faculty meetings as we at Taylor get ready for the upcoming academic year (our academic year begins September 6). I don’t mind meetings; it’s just a bit jarring to go from … Continue reading

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Textual Criticism In Action (TCHB 9)

In this post I will demonstrate the practice of textual criticism with two examples, Joshua 1:1 and Psalm 73:7, which highlight the practice of external and internal textual criticism, respectively. This is the ninth post in a series on the … Continue reading

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Codex Sinaiticus Integrated into

This is kind of nifty: over at — a web site that allows you to read the Bible in the original languages or translation side by side — you can now pull up the page in Codex Sinaiticus while … Continue reading

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