Biblical Studies Carnival VIII Online at biblicalia

I am happy to announce that Biblical Studies Carnival VIII is online at Kevin Edgecomb’s Biblicalia. Kevin has done an awesome job (or should I say “an august job”?) with the Carnival — I don’t even think he had to make any entries up! In my time zone the carnival is even early! Kudos, Kevin.

Biblical Studies Carnival IX will be hosted by Stephen Carlson over at Hypotyposeis in the first week of September 2006. Look for a call for submissions on his blog sometime in the middle of the month.

As you are reading posts around the blogosphere this month, make sure to nominate appropriate posts for the next Carnival. You can submit/nominate posts via the submission form at or you may email them to biblical_studies_carnival AT hotmail DOT com.

For more information, consult the Biblical Studies Carnival Homepage.

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One Response to Biblical Studies Carnival VIII Online at biblicalia

  1. Kevin P. Edgecomb says:

    That’s right! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to make anything up. Maybe next time….

    It was actually quite a lot of fun to be pointed to so much good stuff out there. I really enjoyed seeing it all, and finding more blogs to follow. I really do have to update my bookmarks and blog roll, so I can keep up. Thanks everyone!

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