Hello, My Name is Tyler, and I Love U2…

Brandon Wason over at Novum Testamentum Blog likes Steely Dan, but I love U2. In my vehicle I only happen to have “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” (2000; Buy from Amazon.ca | Buy from Amazon.com) and I have been listening to it for days on end (hmmm… I guess I could always bring one or more of my other U2 CDs into the vehicle… but it is one of my favourites!).

My family, however, doesn’t seem to appreciate my music quite as much and suggested I log on to this website:


Bono Fatigue: A Place for Bono Vox Detox

From site host Andrew Billings:

This site is for U2 fans suffering from Bono Fatigue as a result of an over-consumption of U2 music, Bono interviews, Africa-related relief ideas etc. (BF can manifest in many ways. If you don’t have it, you’ll know it when you get it.) Since people at this site are recovering from BF, and are hoping to work through it and re-introduce U2 back to their lives, please do not post band photos, art or quotes unless absolutely necessary to your comment. Give others a chance to walk through this at their own pace. Thanks! Heal and enjoy.

My name is Tyler and I love U2… (the site is actually quite the hoot )

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  1. dave beldman says:

    Great site!
    I guess I am on the verge of BF but the problem is is that once you have experienced the U2 craze where do you go from there?

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