Ugarit Cola — It’s the Real (Old) Thing!

As a former Coke aficionado and addict (Diet Coke to be specific) and Hebrew Bible specialist, I found this to be somewhat humorous:


I wonder if this type of cola was popular during marzeahs at Ugarit? (spiked, of course!)

Via Biblische Ausbildung (from one of his student’s during a trip to Syria)

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2 Responses to Ugarit Cola — It’s the Real (Old) Thing!

  1. Bob Derrenbacker says:

    Tyler –

    Perhaps you should capitalize “Coke” just so there’s no confusion…

    You say “former” addict – have you given up Diet Coke? Are the brain tumors getting too big?


  2. Yes, Bob, I have been “clean and sober” off Diet Coke since Lent. I gave it up for Lent and when Lent was over I didn’t bother to have it again — though I have had a couple cans since (I actually found I didn’t like the taste of it anymore).

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