Some Septuagint Updates

I have made a few updates to my Annotated Guide to the LXX. Among the updates, you may find the full listing of all the critical editions of the Septuagint useful. It includes all of the Göttingen Septuagint volumes as well as the “Larger Cambridge Septuagint” volumes.

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3 Responses to Some Septuagint Updates

  1. Jim Darlack says:

    Great page! Thanks for putting together the list and the links. Just to let you know, I get an error with the Amazon links to Hanhart’s revision of Rahlf’s Septuaginta.

    You may also want to mention that Genesis-Ruth in the “Larger Cambridge Septuagint” is available online at the TC Ebind Index. To access the page, you have to enter the username “any” and the password “any.” TC has also made available Field’s Hexapla, as well as Tischendorf’s pseudofacsimile of Sinaiticus. Swete’s Old Testament in Greek According to the Septuagint, vols. 1-3 are available at CCEL.

  2. Jim Darlack says:

    Sorry, it looks as if the link to the TC Ebind Index (and the Larger Cambridge Septuagint) did not come through in the comment. The link is Remember, you will have to enter “any” for the username and the password to gain access to the site.

  3. Hey Jim, Thanks for the link. I was debating whether or not to link to the TC documents.

    I don’t think Amazon has the new Hanhart-Rahlfs LXX yet; I included the link for when they add it (they also don’t have some of the Göttingen volumes; I included links in the off chance that there is a used one available).

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