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Biblical Studies Carnival VIII Online at biblicalia

I am happy to announce that Biblical Studies Carnival VIII is online at Kevin Edgecomb’s Biblicalia. Kevin has done an awesome job (or should I say “an august job”?) with the Carnival — I don’t even think he had to … Continue reading

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Bestest Movie Ever Made! (The Truth Behind Review Blurbs)

Gelf Magazine has an interesting article on the truth behind movie review blurbs — you know, when a critic is quoted as saying that “this film is the best family movie of this summer — a must see” when in … Continue reading

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50 Films to See Before You Die

The Sunday Mail from the UK has published a list of “50 Films to See Before You Die.” The list was compiled by David Puttnam (producer of Chariots of Fire and Midnight Express) and others to mark digital channel Film4 … Continue reading

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The Practice of Textual Criticism (TCHB 8)

With some of the theory surrounding textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible behind us, with this post I am going to discuss how to actually go about text criticism. This is the eighth post in a series on the textual … Continue reading

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BAR Article on Hanan Eshel

Dead Sea Scrolls scholar Hanan Eshel is back in the news — well kind of. There is an online article about Hanan Eshel on the Biblical Archaeology Society Webstie that deals with some of the controversy surrounding his purchase of … Continue reading

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Medieval Psalms Codex Clarification

There has been a clarification in connection to the Psalm book discovered in the Irish bog. Initial news reports said that the book was open to Psalm 83, which in most modern English translations is a prayer to wipe out … Continue reading

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Peshitta in the News

It must be a slow news day if the Peshitta makes the headlines! The CBS11 News webpage has an article on the Peshitta, the ancient Syriac translation of the Bible (see my post on the Early Versions of the Hebrew … Continue reading

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The One Book Meme

Ben Myers over at Faith and Theology started this meme. I saw this last night, but didn’t have the energy to respond, but since I have now been tagged by Joe, I figure I should give it a go (hey.. … Continue reading

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Bog of Psalms

[See my clarification on this story here] This story caught my eye last night: It looks like a medieval book of Psalms was discovered by a backhoe worker in Ireland. The 20-page vellum Latin manuscript has been dated to the … Continue reading

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Hello, My Name is Tyler, and I Love U2…

Brandon Wason over at Novum Testamentum Blog likes Steely Dan, but I love U2. In my vehicle I only happen to have “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” (2000; Buy from | Buy from and I have been … Continue reading

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