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CSBS 2006 – Hebrew Bible Session Report

I just got home today (early in the morning due to flight delays) from the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies annual meeting at York University, Toronto. I was hoping to post some reports from the meetings, but my dorm room … Continue reading

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50,000th Visitor Who Are You?

OK, OK, I know I said I wouldn’t have any more contests for a while. But I was grabbing some books from my office today and noticed that I had duplicate copies of a couple books. I also noticed that … Continue reading

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Biblical Studies Carnival VI Online at Faith and Theology

Biblical Studies Carnival VI is online at Benjamin Myers‘s Faith and Theology blog. Ben does an excellent job guiding us through recent posts relating to biblical studies from around the blogosphere. Make sure to check it out. If you are … Continue reading

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Ten Things I Hate About Commandments (Very Funny)

This video is a very funny mock movie preview. Definitely worth viewing! I especially like the Samuel L. Jackson line from Pulp Fiction. (Comes via Targuman) Tags: humour, ten commandments, film, OT epic

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