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Biblical Studies Carnival VII Reminder

This is just a friendly reminder that the next Biblical Studies Carnival will be hosted in the first week of July by Chip Hardy at Daily Hebrew. Chip will post a call for submissions on his blog soon. But you … Continue reading

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Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt: What’s in a Name?

I recognize by internet standards this is old news, but I have to ask what sort of name is “Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt“? Talk about a mouthful — they’re giving the name “Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz” a run for the money! (see Isaiah 8:1). … Continue reading

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Forthcoming Hebrew Language Resources

There are a number of resources for learning Biblical Hebrew about to be published. Whlie I have not had the chance to look at any of these works, the first two books certainly fill a need for students of intermediate … Continue reading

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Thanks, Jim West!

Jim West held a contest of his own today, and guess what? I actually won something. I don’t win things very often, so I am pleased as punch! (OK, what does that mean, “pleased as punch”? How can a liquid … Continue reading

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Go Up Baldy: The Curse of Baldness

Claude Mariottini, in a post on the “Old Testament and Baldness” linked to an article from the Mail & Guardian by Nicholas Lezard on The Horror of Going Bald. As one who at forty years still has a thick, lush, … Continue reading

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Revised Septuaginta Soon to be Published

Wieland Willker on the Text Criticism list has alerted us to a revised edition of Rahlfs Septuagina to be published later this summer by the German Bible Society. The revision was done by Robert Hanhart and includes over a thousand … Continue reading

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David Beckham’s Manly Tattoo

With the 2006 FIFA World Cup starting today, I figured I should post something related to football (i.e., soccer for those of us in North America). Then I thought, why not profile the Hebrew tattoo on England’s celebrity skipper, David … Continue reading

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CSBS 2006 – Special Lecture on the Gospel of Judas by Dr. Bart Ehrman

Monday evening (29 May 2006) there was a special joint lecture sponsored in part by the CSBS by Bart Ehrman entitled “The Alternative Vision of the Gospel of Judas.â€? Ehrman, the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor and Chair of the … Continue reading

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Host Change for Biblical Studies Carnival VII

There has been a host change for the next Biblical Studies Carnival. Joe Cathey figured that taking part in an archaeological dig is a good enough excuse to jam for the July Carnival. Actually the conflict didn’t register with Joe … Continue reading

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The (Odd) Language of Sports

I have always thought that the terms used in some sports just don’t make sense. Not that these semantic oddities have kept me awake at night or anything. I just don’t get how the lingo developed. Here are some examples: … Continue reading

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