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Big Sigh…

20th June 2006

Last night there was a collective sigh as the Oilers lost to the Hurricances. The score I predicted (3-1) was right — but for the wrong team. Well, it was very disappointing, though Oilers fans can be proud of their team for making it so far. And the Hurricanes played well and perhaps it will be good for hockey to have a market like Carolina win… I guess.

Well, I guess I should do something today… sigh…

2 Responses to “Big Sigh…”

  1. Mark Goodacre Says:

    Bad luck. People down our way seem pretty pleased, on the other hand. The good news is that now you can settle down and enjoy the World Cup.

  2. Tyler F. Williams Says:

    Yes, that’s true. Unlike many North Americans, I actually am interested in World Cup Football. While I like the England side, I have to admit Ghana has caught my attention! Of course, the best game in the world is Rugby!