Oilers, Soccer, and Bunnies

My blogging has been thwarted by the Oilers, my kid’s soccer, and plans to buy some bunnies (and work, of course!). I really need to get back on track, though I would be lying that the break from blogging has been refreshing.
Go Oilers Go!
Wow — what a great game tonight! It looks like sharks can’t swim in oil! Next, we’ll defeat the Mighty Ducks (how can a duck be mighty? C’mon, really!), and then it is Stanley Cup time!  I really think the league needs to get rid of some of the new rules. I understand they are to open up the game, but when a penalty is called and for the life of you you can’t figure out what the penalty is, something is wrong (and then when they show it on replay it doesn’t look like a penalty!).
Funky Pickles Rule!
That’s right — the Funky Pickles — that’s the name of the all girls under 10 soccer team I coach. My daughter suggested the name, and go figure, the other eight and nine year olds liked it! In Edmonton, May and June are outdoor soccer months. That means a couple nights a week you are out on the pitch cheering on your kids. This is my seventh year coaching and I really enjoy it.

Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies!
My kids have been wanting a pet for some while now. My wife and I really didn’t want to get a dog or a cat due to the work involved and the fact that some close family members have allergies. I raised rabbits as a kid, so I suggested we get a rabbit or two. Rabbits are also nice because they can be kept outside for most of the year but can still be brought inside the house on occasion. If we are to get some bunnies, then of course I needed to build a rabbit hutch. I think I have outdone myself with the two storey deluxe rabbit hutch I have contructed (I will have to post some pictures).

So that is a bit of what I have been doing in my evenings and weekends.
I have a number of plans for future blog posts, but please bear with me as I actually have a bit of a life! 🙂

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4 Responses to Oilers, Soccer, and Bunnies

  1. Michael Pahl says:

    Congrats on the Oilers’ run so far. Brings back memories of the Flames in 2004… (Sigh…) If the Oil make it to the Finals, I’ll probably be back in time to see at least a couple of games and cheer them on. (See, I’m not a spiteful Flames fan!)

  2. Debra Bauslaugh says:

    Yeah! Go Oilers! There are a handful of us here in Western Washington that are having a blast watching them play. We are planning a BBQ for Friday to enjoy game 1.

    I am still trying to convince Tim that he needs to not be bitter about his team (the Red wings) losing and Get on the Oiler bandwagon.

  3. Brad Childs says:

    Okay so this is not about the Oilers or bunnies (though I have just bought my third).

    I’m actually wondering if you know of anyone with a copy of the Word Biblical Commentary CD-ROM: 58 Volume Edition. I would like to check it out for a couple of hours before spending the $400.00 – know anyone that might be willing to part with it for a day? -Brad

  4. Jessi says:

    We would love to see pics of your bunny cage/condo! We have 2 new 4-H bunnies that we need to get in to better housing asap! Thanks!

    Did you use plans?

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