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The Real Seal: Hezekiah Royal Bulla Impression

The royal seal impression that I used as the basis for my April Fool’s Day post (ain’t Photoshop just amazing?!), is actually an impression of a bulla belonging to Hezekiah king of Judah. The bulla is part of the Kaufman … Continue reading

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Biblical Studies Carnival IV in Online at The Busybody

After I recovered from my 40th birthday bash (with the time change, it ended up being a very late night/morning! :-)), I was pleased to notice that Loren Rosson III has uploaded Biblical Studies Carnival IV at The Busybody. Loren … Continue reading

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The Fool is Forty

Some forty years ago today, Dr. R. Winters (who evidently had a healthy sense of humour) performed a scheduled C-section on my mother the morning of April 1st, 1966 at the Royal Alexandria Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. At approximately … Continue reading

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“David King of Judah” Seal Uncovered (April Fool’s Day 2006 Post)

N.B. This is a post I wrote for April Fool’s Day 2006 (April 1st). To set the record straight in case anyone was fooled, there was no “David King of Judah” seal discovered from Eliat Mazar’s (note spelling) Jerusalem dig. … Continue reading

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