UPDATE: Prayer Request for Taylor Student

UPDATE: Thursday 23 March: Things are looking up for Tim. The pneumonia is clearing up and Tim is even sitting up. They hope he will move to a new room outside of the ICU today. All of this is good news, but please keep praying for the recovery, the family, and a clear understanding of what really happened to Tim.

The family thanks everyone for their prayers. Please continue to pray for Tim and his family.

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Tuesday 21 March. I visited Tim in the hospital today and he is doing much better. He was responsive and had a firm grip. He has developed pneumonia, though it appears to be a mild case.

Some good news came today in that the doctors do not think there will be any longterm consequences. They have pretty much ruled out that Tim had a seizure yesterday. They believe that his blood preassure spiked due to the pneumonia.

His sister Debra (who was one of my students a couple years ago; She was a great student and has been accepted into a master’s program in Christian history at Weaton College for the fall) and younger brother are now in Edmonton.

Monday 20 March 10:37 am: Please continue to pray for Tim. There has been some setbacks. There was a slight mishap last night and Tim aspirated some food into his lungs. Due to this he has been placed back on the ventilator and there is some concern of pneumonia at this time. They will be sedating Tim more to help with the ventilator and to be able to possibly deal with the pneumonia.

Please pray for Tim and the whole Bauslaugh Family.

Saturday 18 March: For those of you who are praying people, I would like to request prayers for one of our students at Taylor University College. The student, Tim Bauslaugh, collapsed while playing football with friends at Taylor on Friday afternoon, 18 March. He was rushed to the University of Alberta Hospital and after some tests they determined that he had spontaneous bleeding of the brain. They did an angiogram today and while it appears the bleeding has stopped, there are still concerns about complications and rammifications due to the initial trauma.

Updates on his condition may be found here

So, if you can, please pray for Tim. He is a young man in his last year of a BA program in Religion & Theology with his life ahead of him.

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9 Responses to UPDATE: Prayer Request for Taylor Student

  1. Debra Bauslaugh says:

    Thanks Tyler!

    My family cannot even begin to express what the prayer support means to us.

  2. Jim says:

    We have added him to our prayer list.

  3. Joe Cathey says:


    Thanks for this notice. We have added he and his family to our prayer list.

  4. Joe Cathey says:


    I really know your name. I don’t know how “Taylor” jumped into my last post.

  5. Jolene Taylor says:

    Thank you for making this information available. The Bauslaughs continue to be the focus of my prayers. Every update on this website is appreciated as the filters on my server don’t always allow me to view the “prayfortim” website.

    I thank God for allowing prayer to bridge physical gaps.

  6. Joe says:

    we will keep him in our prayers

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