Blogger Move Over… biblicalia Converts to WordPress

Kevin Edgecomb over at biblicalia has made the move from Blogger to WordPress, a move that I just made earlier this week. So you will have to update your feed to his site if you use a RSS reader.

I am quite happy with WordPress so far. I’m still playing around with settings and adjusting the look of my blog (how do you like the new “Codex” header?), as well as checking out some useful plugins.

I highly recommend checking out WordPress if you are not satisfied with your current blogging program.

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One Response to Blogger Move Over… biblicalia Converts to WordPress

  1. Kevin P. Edgecomb says:

    Yes, WordPress is the way to go! I’m loving it already. It’s finally forced me to work with CSS.

    And I think your new Codex header is great! What a wild logo!

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