Bulkeley’s Amos: Hypertext Bible Commentary Launched

I want to join the virtual crowd of bibliobloggers congratulating Tim Bulkeley for the launch of the electronic stand-alone version of his commentary entitled, Amos: Hypertext Bible Commentary. I wish Tim all the best with this release!

While I have not had the opportunity to take a look at this electronic release of his commentary, I have had the chance to peruse his online version and I have listed it in my OT Commentary Survey for quite a while. I encourage you to spend some time looking at Tim’s commentary. It is very well done and makes excellent use of hypertext delivery– you have multiple panes that provide different information and you can also hear the passage read in English or Hebrew, among other things.

All in all it is a great commentary on a facinating biblical book!

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One Response to Bulkeley’s Amos: Hypertext Bible Commentary Launched

  1. Tim Bulkeley says:

    Thanks! I’ll be posting details of the citable edition v. soon. (Just too busy with summer holidays and now the start of the year till now.)

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