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Blogger Move Over… biblicalia Converts to WordPress

Kevin Edgecomb over at biblicalia has made the move from Blogger to WordPress, a move that I just made earlier this week. So you will have to update your feed to his site if you use a RSS reader. I … Continue reading

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Email and the Student-Teacher Relationship

The New York Times published an interesting article the other day by Jonathan D. Glater entitled, “To: Subject: Why It’s All About Me” (To read the full article you will have to sign-up for a free account). The article … Continue reading

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Faith-Based Wissenschaft: An Oxymoron?

Michael V. Fox has a thought provoking essay at the most recent SBL Forum entitled, “Bible Scholarship and Faith-Based Study: My View.” While I have the utmost respect for Fox as a scholar (his various works on the wisdom literature … Continue reading

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The Last Temptation of Christ Reviewed at Bible Films Blog

Matt Page at Bible Films Blog has an excellent discussion of Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ (1988; IMDb; Buy from or While I appreciate this film, I have to admit that everytime I have watched it … Continue reading

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A Day of National Mourning: Canadian Men’s Hockey Team Eliminated

I can’t believe it! Say it isn’t so! The Canadian Men’s Hockey Team just LOST to Russia 2-0 and are eliminated from the Olympic playoffs. While the team wasn’t playing so hot the last couple games, no one really thought … Continue reading

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Essential Films of 2005 for Theologians – Extended Edition

As a companion piece to my previous post, “Essential Films for Theologians: The ‘Director’s Cut’,” I thought I would also provide a list of my “Essential Films of 2005 for Theologians.” As with my first list, this was a guest … Continue reading

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Bulkeley’s Amos: Hypertext Bible Commentary Launched

I want to join the virtual crowd of bibliobloggers congratulating Tim Bulkeley for the launch of the electronic stand-alone version of his commentary entitled, Amos: Hypertext Bible Commentary. I wish Tim all the best with this release! While I have … Continue reading

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Hebrew Bible Related Reviews from RBL (20 February 2006)

This week’s Review of Biblical Literature includes a few interesting reviews. Of particular interest to me is the review of Kofoed’s Text and History, which is quite positive (perhaps too positive; it would be interesting to read a review by … Continue reading

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Welcome to Codex Blogspot with WordPress 2.01

I have finally decided to make the switch to WordPress. I decided to move to WordPress for a variety of reasons, including having more control (no more blogger frustrations) and having more extensibility. You will notice that things are still … Continue reading

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Cancer, John Piper, and the Falleness of Creation

John Piper has posted on his website an article entitled “Don’t Waste Your Cancer” (HT BlogWatch). He wrote the short reflection yesterday (15 February) before having prostate surgery (his surgery reportedly went well). I too have been thinking a lot … Continue reading

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