Christian Kitsch and Jesus Junk 6 – Philosophical Kitsch

I came across this the Unemployed Philosophers Guild website via Felix Hominum and it is chock-full of humorous kitsch.

Previous instalments of my “Jesus Junk and Christian Kitsch,” may be found here. Take special note of volume 4, the “What is Kitsch?” volume. Enjoy!

On the snack food side of things they have Nietzsche’s Will to Power Bar:

They also have a full assortment of mints including After Shakespeare Mints, After Therapy Mints, Anti Establish Mints, IndictMints, nlighten Mints, Kiss Mints, Manly Mints, Morning After Mints, National EmbarrassMints, and the theological pièCE de résistance (move over, Testamints!): Atone Mints

In addition, the Sin-O-Mints are also quite clever, as are the Forbidden Fruits sour apple flavour candies:

In the doll department, you can purchase plush dolls of many different thinkers such as Bach, Beethoven, Che Guevara, Darwin, Einstein, Freud, Galileo, Marx, Nietzsche, Shakespeare, and Socrates. On the religious side of things they have Buddha, Gandhi, and of course, Jesus — complete with a “WWID” bracelet:

One of the most “kitschy” items they have (which someone’s grandma may in fact want!) is the Last Supper Pillow with a wind-up music box that plays “Hey Jude” by the Beatles! I really think a more appropriate song would be something like Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus.”

They also have a variety of finger puppets and puppet sets, tee shirts, coffee mugs, among other things!

Check it out — and feel free to buy me whatever you think I may want! Seriously…

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